1) Is Spondox a medicine for Cervical Spondylosis also?

- Yes. Spondox is a medicine for Cervical Spondylitis as well as Cervical Spondylosis. In ayurveda both these diseases are forms of neck arthritis. One is inflammatory and the other is degenerative. Both happen due to the imbalance of vata. Hence the medicine for both is the same in ayurveda.

2) Are there any side effects of Spondox?

- No. Spondox is a purely ayurvedic medicine and has no known side effects.

3) What are the symptoms of cervical spondylitis / spondylosis?

- The symptoms of cervical spondylitis / spondylosis vary from patient to patient. Following are the symptoms that are commonly found :-

a) Stiffness and pain in the neck region

b) Pain in the body parts

c) Pain in the joints in the body

d) Pain and sensation in the hands and shoulders radiating through the arm

e) Vertigo

f) Limited mobility

g) Strange curvature of spine

h) Limited range of motion for spine

i) Tingling, numbness and weakness in the extremities

j) Acidity

k) Motion problem

l) Gastric trouble

m) Nausea

4) Does Spondox totally cure cervical spondylitis / spondylosis?

- Spondox is a treatment for cervical spondylitis / spondylosis which means that it is given with the intention to cure the disease. By experience we know that our patients have not reported back the symptoms of cervical spondylitis / spondylosis to us in a span of 5 - 10 years in 95% of cases after the course of 40 days of Spondox.

5) Does Spondox only relieve the patient from symptoms of cervical spondylitis / spondylosis or it also removes osteophytes and any other deformities with the cervical spine?

- According to ayurveda, the disease of cervical spondylitis / spondylosis is due to imbalanced vata. Vata is present in the whole body. In a way the disease has little to do with the cervical spine. Hence, Spondox works on the imbalanced vata to balance it rather than anything else. So even if the osteophytes or any other problem remain with the cervical spine, due to balanced vata the patient will not feel any problems that arise out of cervical spondylitis / spondylosis. The root of the disease will be over even though some consequences of it remain.

6) Is Spondox an over the counter medicine?

- No. We give this medicine by confirming the disease through consultation. Once we get the confirmation of disease by consultation, you can order the medicine from our product page and you will receive it by courier. Basically, you receive this medicine under a registered ayurvedic physician. If you want to consult with us then fill up this consultation form.